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    Topside Painting 2000 2855-gctid829175

    Unfortunately he sun has done some damage to the bow topside paint. The actually paint I probably can buff it out, but the non skid surface has a few raised surfaces worn down. I can see some black material under the worn surfaces. Can heavy buffing bring back the gel coat? I am worried about buffing the rough surface of the topside non skid. I was going to just use thinner to take the wax off the rough surface and use a one part polyurethane. Any ideas would be appreciated......

    I wouldn't buff the non skid area, especially since you already have places low enough to show through. Buffing pads and compounds actually remove gel coat exposing fresh gel coat which you polish and wax, ending up with pretty close to factory finish BUT depending on how badly it's worn and oxidized you may (like mine) need to start wet sanding (especially on upper hull flat surfaces) before ever thinking about a buffer and compound. Trust me!. Try buffing a small "worst looking" spot and see if a buffer and compound will start bringing the shine back rather quickly. If not or the buffer begins to "grab" at the surface and you notice a lot of compound left on the surface, that's indicative of very deeply pitted abd rough gel coat. Trust me!! that buffer on a good surface is a workout and it'll beat the crap out of you on badly oxidized surfaces I had to wet sand almost the entire exterior of mine but it isn't as bad as it sounds There are plenty of instructional videos at " YTU" ( You Tube Univ) with plenty of options and such. I started with 600 grit and then 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 and am finishing with 2000 grit (Meguiars says it's "ultra cut" 105 will remove up to 1500 grit sanding marks and I've had great success using it followed by their medium cut and following up with finishing polish and finally paste wax and plan on at least 3 applications of it to build up a nice layer to protect all that blood sweat and tears that went into the restoration. Be careful and Trust me! There are no time (or elbow joint) saving shortcuts. It's a time devouring process but well worth all the effort as I'm seeing my reflection for the first time since I first looked at her. Just remember that all the processes to restore exterior coatings remove material by design and it is a possible ( but reducible) risk you can end up with thin spots in the coating like I now have on my stern. Thankfully the new name will cover them. slow and small areas are key to success.
    Unless someone has actually intended to apply paint, the boats are manufactured with Gel Coat as the exterior surface and pigment is added for different colors. The biggest exception being bottom paint, laden with copper to reduce critter adherence and growth abd is applied OVER the Gel Coat
    As for the non skid, "YTU" (You Tube Univ) has a video by SureHold advertising a system designed specifically for non skid. I watched it a time or two and came up with a plan. I was going to follow their technique since I saw it work mon the video. Next I began substituting their more expensive tooling. I bought a random D/A polisher from Harbor Freight (which is very handy for the gel coat restoration as well), ordered these two hook and loop round bristle brushes for the D/A : I have a lot of non skid but these brushes should well into other projects. Again I used what I had on hand, Meguiars ultra cut 105 and medium cut (205 I think) and will follow with a good quality liquid was to work into the nonskid. Have a look at the You Tube Video.... a wealth of info in it. May also be on their website too.

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    I used the black for the compounding and the softer blue one to work the wax in following ShurHold's instruction. Once I finished one section I was very impressed with how it turned out! But noticed staining, mostly small brown spots from trees and acorns that didn't come out. They HAD to go! I used Mr Clean Magic Erasers with a combination of OxyClean and 409 which removed the stained areas. Lowes home Improvement sells marine paint and you could always get a can of white to touch up the non skid. that'd be cheaper I'd bet than buying Gel Coat. Hope this helps...
    Good luck with it, Dave
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