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  • ksanders
    When a generator runs fast then slow, fast then slow during no load conditions, whats happening is called "governor hunting"

    There is generally an adjustment on the governor that will correct this. That adjustment is generally labled/called "sensitivity" or something slong those lines. Adjust that setting back untill the generator just stops hunting.

    I have no clue from your post exactly what governor you have on yuor engine, so more specific instruction is difficult...

    In general if you have a mechanically governored generator set the governor should be set to produce right at 61.5 HZ at no load. At full load you will probably get 58.5 HZ out of it. Thats about as close regulation you can get out of a mechanical governor.

    If you have an electronic governor then you should be able to get around 0.5 HZ of regulation from no load to full load.

    As a note, do not even think about fooling around with the governor on your generator without a voltmeter that can read out in frequency. This is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting generator problems.

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    Guest started a topic Kohler Gen runs slow/fast-gctid400144

    Kohler Gen runs slow/fast-gctid400144

    I have a 2009 325 with a Kohler gen.

    When it runs at the same RPM it's quiet, at times, same load, it will run fast than low every few seconds. If I turn everything on, AC, both stove burners etc, it sometimes runs at a steady RPM.

    It has always been prof. winterized

    Any ideas?