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  • Bayliner 320 bow courtesy light-gctid828933

    My 320 has a small blue light located in the center of bow in front of the center hatch. This light is not working and I was wondering is it on the same circuit (rocker switch) as the courtesy light for the interior? Or would this be on the same circuit used for underwater lights? Also what is the replacement bulb for this?

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    Never seen one. Check the wiring at the back of the socket and see which switch gives you 12 V dc across the terminals. If neither does, start at the rockers and verify no fuses are blown, eliminating components as you go by checking voltage with power applied OR continuity (with power off, using the power in a volt meter to send current through the circuit.) Most 'meters have a audible tone selection that when a circuit is intact.

    My preference would be that I'd want an anchor light on the same circuit as the underwater lights (observing the anchor as it's coming up....and I think blue is a reduced glare/ increased visibility below the surface ) and it'd be mounted below the pulpit pointing down. Otherwise I'd consider it a courtesy light, in which case I'd prefer red ad it has minimal glare. Glare at dark while underway can kill you. All we can do in speculate and opinionate on the minimal info given.

    Please fill out the SIGNATURE portion of your profile page with as much info/ spec/ mod info you can about your boat so like- model folks will be likely to read and steer you better than I. Also, from the WELCOME/ NEW drop down on the FORUM INDEX page, scroll to and click OWNERS LISTS and see if there is a group already going for your model. Those are your "go to" guys for anything "320" That way you'll get more replies and not be frustrated as you watch the number of times viewed climb with no replies

    Good luck! Welcome aboard!

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