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Volvo Penta throttle linkage assembly HELP-gctid400098

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    Volvo Penta throttle linkage assembly HELP-gctid400098

    I am having some issues with not attaining WOT. I am getting about 3200RPMs. Solved some of it with fuel. I am going to check fuel filters ( completely slipped my mind ) By the way the boat runs really well slow and idles good. Does sound ( obvisouly ) like it is being held back at full throttle. I am also going to change plugs and look into timimng . Told by the previous owner compression was good. I was reading the Volvo Shop Manual and a possible problem was listed for not reaching WOT, was the bolt ( improperly assembled ) that holds the carburetor thottle arm level to the to the carb may interfere with the throttle clamp guide and prevent the throttle completely opening. It says disconnect the cable guide at the throttle lever anchor block . Rotate the guide 180 degrees, flat side facing away from carb. I am not a wrench by any means but have a fair understanding of the ways things work. Problem is, I can find no photos or diagrams of this item, so I have noting to compare to. I believe I have a Rochester Quadrajet 4BBL, on a GM 350, 1985. Any help, photos or the like would be greatly appreciated.
    Raymond 14
    1997 3388ES
    twin merc 350 inboards

    Maybe this will help...