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    Exhaust manifold value-gctid399987

    I just bought a 1992 2302 hardtop. It had a 5.7 mercruiser thats blown. I got alo of extra stuff with the boat and it also came with these manifolds which look like the are bronze. I tried searching the web for them and no dice. What are they worth? I may sell to put money towards a new 350.

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    Wow! 33 views and not 1 reply?


      Those are rare and you would be smart to keep them for your new engine.
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        Thank you for the repl sir. I am very new at this, i have been repairing boats and making composite parts for over 12 years and this is my first boat. As far as the mechanics go i am totally green. Any advice is good advice.


          They are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them when you are trying to sell them. Search ebay to see if someone is trying to sell one similar, but like mentioned, if they will fit the motor you are going to use, they will probably last longer than regular ones.



            Not bronze ones, but these are brand new cast iron ones, with all the gaskets and mounting hardware, and a 3 year warranty.

            So unless someone has replaced theirs already a couple of times, and plan on keeping their boat for a really long time, I doubt they would pay more than what a new setup costs.

            Unless they really want a polished bronze manifol, that would probably look cool.


              tstarx wrote:
              Wow! 33 views and not 1 reply?
              Sorry, that was me! I had to look 30 times to see what brand they were.

              Bronze manifolds that have NOT suffered freeze damage would be excellent to own.

              If no damage, they should go for another 400 to 500 years or so!

              I'd NOT sell them! Not yet!

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