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engine rattle approx 2200 rpm-gctid827099

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  • Chief_Alen
    All the cylinders firing ?

    In other words could a plug wire have been pulled off a plug ?

    Verify and please post back.

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  • 2850Bounty
    The 5.7 SBC can suspend up to 2.5 quarts of oil during high RPM operation.

    I doubt that the 1 pint over-fill has caused any issues.

    Hydraulic cam followers (aka lifters in the old days) require good, clean, liquid oil underneath the hydraulic plunger.

    If the oil remains non-aerated, it will provide the cushion with no issues as long as the plunger depth is adjusted properly to begin with.

    If the oil was to become aerated, then the hydraulic cushion becomes diminished.

    If so, you may hear an audible clacking as the hydraulic plungers are no longer able to keep the adjustment steady.

    2,200 RPM under load is an extremely Detonation prone RPM.

    Are you certain that you are not hearing Detonation????


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  • Nauti_Mike
    Who performed the service? If not you did you approach then on it? Being a pint over should not cause this issue. Was the engine reved high rpms when starting right after the oil change? This can collapse the lifters.

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  • spj1120
    started a topic engine rattle approx 2200 rpm-gctid827099

    engine rattle approx 2200 rpm-gctid827099

    engine rattle after oil service 2200 rpm under throttle to get boat up on plane ,sounded like oil was aeriated ,(collapsed lifters) was approx. pint overfull, removed to proper level, still same issue and loss of power

    any help ,suggestions??

    15w40 mobil 1 synthetic & napa filter used in service

    boat is 2003 bayliner 285 with mercruiser 5.7 mag bravo 3