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Omc trim hydraulic hose fix-gctid826870

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    Omc trim hydraulic hose fix-gctid826870

    1989 bayliner omc sterndrive. How in Gods name do i replace a hose i can not reach ! Do i have to take the outdrive apart to reach this hose, its tucked into the gimbel on the port side. :angry: :angry: :angry:

    Oh yeah, it's a bitch !

    Once you remove enough parts to even get at the manifold there is barely enough room to swing the wrench any. Eventually after breaking one wrench then using 3 others of different head profiles along with penetrating oil, some heat (caution, O'ring around manifold) extreme patience and some choice words, I got them off.

    If you are a salt water guy the difficulty factor goes up by the following equation; BOAT x SALT = [email protected]#$%^

    That was the hardest and most time consuming part of my SX swap.

    Sorry to ruin your day.
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      Oh shit lol, that's what I was afraid of thank you for the response. The more I get into this boat the more I'm considering selling it. bit off more than what I can chew I think (maybe)