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(39)87 2.3 engine just quit running when out on lake-gctid399853

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    (39)87 2.3 engine just quit running when out on lake-gctid399853

    Had this boat out last Sunday and it was running fine when it just quit running. No noises and no water in oil. Ran wire from coil to battery and got it running again. Wire came lose and died again. Has not started since. Have new prop, new blower motor, new bilge pump, new ignition and new life time warranty starter and ignition. Cylinders at 70 lbs. Engine was rebuilt last summer.

    Any ideas?

    So, it sounds like you do not have voltage at the coil. The coil power when running comes to the coil on the purple/red wire. This is a resistor wire and is spliced (on the engine somewhere) into the puple wire coming from the helm ignition switch. At the helm that purple wire will be connected to the A terminal on the ignition switch.

    Make sure the purple wire is connected to A on the switch. Make sure it has about 12V when you turn the key on.

    I'm not sure where that splice is to get onto the reistor wire, I would have to dig around a little. But, if you have 12V at the ign switch, but not at the coil, and the purple wire is connected at the helm, you can check the purple wire at the ESA power in. If the ESA has 12V at the purple wire, then the splice is likely good and the purple/red resistor wire is suspect. You can trace the purple/red from the coil and make sure it is intact and hopefully find the factory splice and make sure it is intact as well.