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2000yr. Cierra Sunbridge 2855 Battery Identification:-gctid826441

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    2000yr. Cierra Sunbridge 2855 Battery Identification:-gctid826441

    Hi Guys,

    I know this may sound dumb to some, but for some reason I always thought I knew which battery was which.

    The other day I was switching the battery switch and something made me doubt which battery is which in the battery compartment when the battery switch is selected.

    Is there a quick way to know when I select battery #1 on the switch which is the battery in the engine compartment I am using. Is the one nearest the engine the #1 battery and the battery behind it nearest the hull wall battery #2. I have always assumed the one nearest the engine is battery #1. Can anyone concur? Is there a quick verification TEST method to prove out which is battery #1 & #2?



    Well you could turn on the arch lights and then pull the negative lead on the battery to see if it's the one (or two :-) ).

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      Yep, disconnect one of the batteries then see which selection at the MBSS is no longer providing any power.
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