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    4.3l mercruiser stalling-gctid826053


    I have a 2005 trophy 2052. Has a new mercruiser 4.3l with 25 hours on it.

    All was well until yesterday when it just stalled on me. Tried to start back up, sometimes it would idle for a little bit then stall. When trying to put into forward or reverse just stalls.

    I did get fuel about half a tank ago from Marina station, but have never had any issues.

    Any ideas what I should check?
    2005 Trophy 2052WA - Mercruiser 4.3L New 4/2017

    Clean the fuel system from the fuel pickup to the carb.
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      Use the tried and proven P of E! (process of elimination)

      Test, check and/or replace ONE item ONLY at a time and then test.

      Only upon eliminating that item will you move on the next suspect area.

      The P of E when used methodically and systematically will never let you down!

      This is most likely an A drive.

      If so, try momentarily eliminating the SI/SA circuit. Do this while securely tied to the dock!

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        I had similar issue and started thinking fuel when it ending up being ignition sensor module. Engine would run great than stutter and stall out. I used the link below to diagnose the issue pretty quick. My boat is a 2004 5.7 Carb Thunderbolt IV.

        2004 Trophy 2359
        5.7 liter Carb
        15 hp Merc Kicker


          25 hours in 12 years . It's done a lot of sitting around which is never good. Chances are that old gas may have clogged the filter partially . You probably have a cartridge filter right? Don't forget to pull the tiny one up on the side of the carb where the line goes in. Might be gunked up. It's easy to forget about the little guy when you have a large spin on. If you don't have a spin on get one, cheap insurance.


            You said it has a NEW engine with 25 hours; is that a complete new engine package, new long block, or rebuilt engine? Trying to find out if the carb and ignition were carried over from the original engine. From what I have seen the ignition sensor may cause this but typically once the engine is warmed up and not cold; have you tried both? IMO sounds like bad fuel I would remove the fuel filter and pour the contents into a glass jar and let it settle then look for water.
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              Thanks for the help, i'm new to boating.

              I just replaced fuel filter and all seems good now.

              Thanks again!
              2005 Trophy 2052WA - Mercruiser 4.3L New 4/2017