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Water in fuel tank bayliner 325-gctid825898

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  • Bay39
    If your engine is fuel injected - yes it can harm the injectors. The water will sit towards the bottom of the tank. Do you have Gas/Water seperators inline from the tanks? This will provide visualization of the fuel water separation. My last gas boat I bought HEET product whenever I encountered moisture in the tank (steam out the exhaust). On another note - are your tanks full? I never ran mine below a quarter for that reason.

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  • GT
    started a topic Water in fuel tank bayliner 325-gctid825898

    Water in fuel tank bayliner 325-gctid825898

    motors stopped believe water in tank can the water in the engine combined with the petrol do any damage to the engines when tank is cleaned of water motors will have to be bled & restarted is it difficult to bleed have a little knowledge of motors would I need a expert to handle this.