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    Wiper motor-gctid825673


    I have I bayliner 2855 year 1995

    On my wiper motor it's 3 wirings

    Black = ground


    Pink black

    Where do I connect the red wire and the pink black on the motor ?

    On the switch where do I connect the red and pink black ?

    The switch is original bayliner on -off

    Thank you


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    According to the chart, unless you have a separate switch for the wiper power, the switch in the photo is a 636H (actually, it is a 636H/2, though some companies don't include the soldered/quick connection in their model number) and isn't the one you want if it is a two speed.

    As you can see, it is a series 6, with a single pole (3) and is an ON - ON (6) switch.

    It is possible they only connected to two of the terminals, whereby creating an OFF position. However, unless you want it on all the time, you need one with an OFF.

    I know nothing about your motor, but if it is a two speed and you want to use the two speeds, you also need a single pole, double throw SPDT.

    Have a look at this.

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      On the wiper motor

      Red goes to L or H depending on the speed you want for the wipers

      Pink/ black goes to P for park

      Black goes to ground or X

      On the switch the red goes to a positive power OUT to wiper motor. The pink/black gets piggybacked onto the positive power IN from battery.

      When you turn the wiper off the motor will still be powered by the pink/black until it reaches the Park position and then turn off.

      Depending on whether it is a right or left hand park position you may have to adjust the arm so it does not park in your field of view.

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