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Distributer Cap screw issue on merc 5.7-gctid825472

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  • Distributer Cap screw issue on merc 5.7-gctid825472

    I've got one screw (the one you can't see on the back) that is corroded and not a much of of head to get grip with screwdriver. I've tried get it to break it loose but quit before I did damage. Got any ideas? I'm using a flat blade screw driver, a Phillips doesn't seem to fit. Thanks k
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    Reverse drill bit or a easy out.
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      Is it possible to clamp on some needle nose vise grips to the screw head to break it loose? PB blaster or equivalent prior
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        I usually drill a small hole and then use a Torx bit in a suitable size, the Torx bit wont expand the bolt but gives you a good grip when you carefully knock it in with a hammer

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          You could just drill the head off so the cap can be lifted off. Then use vise grips on the screw. Or grab the distributor cap and break it off, probably needs replacing anyway if your screw is corroded. If the thread gets messed up, which it quite possibly is with that kind of corrosion, no big deal. Drill that out too and use a nut. I believe they are 10-32?
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            sacrifice the cap... break the distributor cap. then krill or pb blaster... it will come right out.
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