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Bayliner 175 3.0 merc problem starting-gctid824995

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    Bayliner 175 3.0 merc problem starting-gctid824995

    I've had this 2010 175 for the summer and had no issues , when you turn the key a loud solid alarm goes on until it starts then the alarm goes off .recently the alarm goes on but the motor does not turn over , just nothing but the piercing annoying alarm ( oh and the sound of my kids crying ) if I keep trying and fiddle around with the throttle handle it eventually starts after 20 or 30 times , does any one know what could be wrong ? And also why the super loud alarm ? Thanks

    Maybe some info here that may help.

    The alarm is there to warn the operator of a low oil pressure issue, high engine temp or low drive lube before the engine or drive become scrap metal inch: could be more to it if she's running an mpi engine.
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      First since it not cranking I would check the voltage on both large terminals of the slave solenoid which is located near the engine breaker. This is a common issue. If no voltage then you need to work backwards towards the helm; ignition switch, neutral safety switch, fuse, engine breaker not tripped.

      As Dave said the alarm sounds because there is no oil pressure when starting this acts as a self test. The reason it is so loud is so it can be heard it a fault happens when running on plane.
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        Bypass the neutral safety switch.
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          That annoying alarm at the start is the indicator it is working and in the event of something going wrong while operating and underway you know the alarm works and you would be notified. If you fail to hear this at the start or when you turn the key I would be worried.

          My brand new boat will also illuminate the "service eng" light for 4 seconds along with this loud alarm to indicate that they are both in working condition.