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    New Transducer Recommendations-gctid824947

    We have a 2003 Bayliner Classic 288 and I have a new Garmin Bundle "GArmin GPSMAP 741xs and GMR 18 HD Bundle". I am looking for a new Transducer and the web page calls for either a GARMIN

    Airmar B60 Tilted (20┬░) 200/50kHz Bronze Thru-hull Transducer (8-pin)

    Or a


    Airmar P319 200/50kHz Plastic Thru-hull Transducer (8-pin)

    Any recommendations or suggestions. I will be using the new system for navigation and fishing.

    Attached is a photo of the existing transducer.

    Attached files

    Richard DePalma

    The bronze one will need to be bonded to the transom anode as you may already know, The plastic one doesn't need that. If they are functionally the same, I like the plastic due to not having to be concern with maintaining bonding.

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      Pacata, welcome to the forum. Please fill out your profile and signature. This helps other forum members provide more relevant answers.

      Also, I moved this topic to the Technical Discussion section of the forum.
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        Why limit yourself - get the Panoptix PS30 -

        Your 741XS is compatible with it.
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          Airmar is a separate company. They make transducers including ones branded for the major plotter manufacturers. They are not exclusive to one particular brand. Looks like the B60 and P319 are the same thing (at least the specs look identical). One is brass, the other is plastic.

          The Panoptix is nice for seeing fish in real time, but it operates at 417 kHz and only 144 Watts. That limits its depth to 300 ft. If you fish only lakes or coastal areas on the east coast, that may be sufficient. On the west coast (where the water depth can reach several thousand feet just a mile offshore), it may be woefully inadequate.

          The Panoptix™ PS30 is a down transducer that provides: LiveVü Down, RealVü 3-D Down & RealVü 3-D Historical views enabling you to see fish swimming under your boat.

          Aside from bronze vs plastic, which transducer you want really depends on your needs and how much you're willing to pay. This isn't something where there's one "best" transducer that you can just buy without having to put any thought into it. The lower the frequency and higher the power, the deeper you can read. The beam width will impact how much bottom you can "see" - wider is better for finding fish/structure, but narrower is better for precisely locating fish/structure. Higher frequency lets you resolve more detail but loses range. You also need to decide if you want traditional (just a pinger) or CHIRP/continuous wave (scans a bunch of frequencies for more detail and faster updates).

          The west-coast fishing forums I frequent swear by the B175 (M, H, or HW). But you will have to decide if those characteristics suit your needs. The B60 looks like a good all-around transducer albeit only 600 Watts.

          I believe the 288 has a 18.5 deg deadrise (same as my 2556), so you will want the 20 degree tilted version if you get a flush-mounted transducer. Make sure you orient it properly when installing (so the transducer is pointed close to straight down).
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            Go online to Garmin, there is a wide selection of transducer types and frequencies.

            both transom or through hull, other than the standard 50/200, and they will have the proper connectors.

            My 7612xsv has 2 transducer ports and will take a wide variety of different frequencies, advantage is when fishing near someone with the same frequencies you can switch another frequency.

            This summer I mounted my 3 transducers in the keel on my 3870, worked perfectly, next year I will mount them under the hull using a Garmin fairing.
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              Thank you, I did look at both plastic and bronze and was not sure if one was better than the other. Mainly will be cruising out to the Channel Islands off the coast of Ventura, California for recreation and fishing for tuna, halibut and sea bass with the occasional rock fish
              Richard DePalma


                Thank you, I believe I have everything updated and signed
                Richard DePalma


                  Thank you, That is a very nice set up. I imagine I would just unhook the existing through hull transducer and install this on the transom
                  Richard DePalma


                    Thank you, this is really helpful, I will look into each one in greater detail.

                    We will use the system for weekend trips to the Channel Island off the coast of Ventura, CA and will most likely fish out there for tuna, halibut, sea bass and rock fish
                    Richard DePalma