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So Where(39)s The BlackSoot Coming From??-gctid824538

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    So Where(39)s The BlackSoot Coming From??-gctid824538

    1200 hrs on a 1990 V6.

    I was draining my fuel tank today to check for contamination and noticed the tank and surroundings were pretty cruddy with black powdery stuff. It wiped right off but I haven't run this thing 12 hours since I changed that spin on gas filter and I sure didn't leave it that nasty . It's under the doghouse too so it's not envirojunk and the belts though OEM are pristine.

    For lack of better possibilities I'm starting to get those old coupler blues..... ... just how do I find out of that's where it's coming from exactly. Before o go reaching around back there. I long ago cut that molded in. ( stupid idea ) dog house base so I have fair access to the back side of the engine. I haven't smelled any burnt rubber yet but............

    Ahh, not that bad after all. O black crap in the rear area all up front. Belts look fine for being ancient. I found a squeak at low speed, been there forever though. The stethoscope showed only noise was in the alternator. I pulled both belts and rolled the PS pump, alternator and water pump around no slop in any of them . Only sound was the water pump making a rubbery scuffing noise the rest quiet. I'll try to post it but don't know if it'll take.

    Belts looked a tadm narrow to me but perfect otherwise. 57-48120DR. And 57-816295DF. Both just shy of 3/8" . No signs of scuffingon either to explain any black dust though.


      Alt. Belt, bet the alt is freezing up.
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        The belts look fine just seem to sit deep in the pulleys and look a tad narrow by my thought No noticeable drag marks anyplace I could find The only pulls that made any nois was the water pump. Here's the link to my 11 seconds of video fame

        I don't recall a water pump making sounds like that. Come to think of it I've been finding a few gallons of water in the bilge I can't account for and it hasn't been raining:whistle: Could it of those DOHHHH moments. Pump runs quiet on the stethoscope though


          The neighbors dog started barking back at that! Replacement time. Just make sure you get one that's the v-belt rotation. The serpentine belt ones operate the other direction. Yeah, ask me how I know.
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            +1 engine circ pump shouldn't be making that noise.
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              Thanks for the suggestions I just ordered up the Sierra this morning at the crack of dawn. I was sitting here last night looking at this trying to figure out how to post that video when I remembered from back in the dark ages about water pumps in my Chevys. That's when it dawned on me about all that water in the bottom of my boat that seem to appear all by itself. More than unusual it sits in a trailer inside of a barn so that really had me wondering could the roof be leaking that much.

              I have been waiting for The first sign of a fuel pump and the water pump to need replacing for over a decade so I got to say they held up fantastically considering they have 1300 hrs. of run time and are 27 years old. The good news when I first saw that rubber there before I looked in the back I thought the Cupler was going south and I really am not in the mood for pulling an engine at this time a year so it's all good. B)