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1990 Bayliner Arriva - Stereo Wiring Help needed-gctid824250

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    1990 Bayliner Arriva - Stereo Wiring Help needed-gctid824250


    I need help identifying what the color codes on the various wires coming out of my stereo are. I am going to install a new stereo, and wondered if anyone has any experience with doing this, and maybe knows of a reference or guide that explains what the various wires go to? I am wondering if maybe Bayliner or someone might have a guide that explains the color code of the wires.

    There's a plug with six pins that comes out of the old stereo, and the colors are:

    Red with white stripe

    Black with white stripe



    black (1)

    Black (2)

    I wish I could help more than a suggestion. Try to probe each wire with an electrical tester for current. Then attach wires to a small speaker to test the wires that no power was detected. Garchar
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      Thank you for the suggestion. I'll give that a shot. I'm thinking since there were six wires, and the stereo only had two speakers, that means four of the wires are speaker +/- for right and left, and the remaining two are positive and negative. Right now I'm guessing Red is positive, and Black/white stripe is negative. And the other two blacks are speaker negatives, with yellow and white as speaker positives. But I am completely basing this off of a wild guess, so I think I'll do as you say to try with a tester and a speaker i'm not worried about wrecking!


        I think I found the answer. Just posting this here in case anyone else runs into the same question and finds my post in search results. I found an old Bayliner Radio with cassette player for sale on Ebay, and printed right on top of it is the wiring instructions!!! These happen to match my wire colors--so here's hoping it's the same on my boat!

        If it's hard to read, it says:

        Red with white stripe +12V

        Black with white stripe Ground

        White Left Speaker +

        Yellow Right Speaker +

        Black Speakers -

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