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    Seaward (Hardin Marine) exhaust-gctid823945

    Hi, forgive me, this is not for my Bayliner actually, it's for my twin 6.2 MX Baja Outlaw, but I get such good answers here!

    The Baja is 15 years old, mine for the last 12 years, always in salt water all season, doesn't get flushed. I think it's time for new exhausts, and would like to take the opportunity to add a few mph. So I'm considering this, with the 1000 hour coating.

    Does anybody have any experience with these? With regards to:

    -Longevity of alu in salt water

    -Better performance

    -Simple bolt on

    -Weight reduction, how much (two engines), and is there a formula for reduced weight to mph


    2001-2003 Bayliner 2052
    2003-2005 Scarab Excel
    2005- Baja Outlaw 29'
    2016- Bayliner 2858 7.4L (1998)