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Where do I find a replacement windshield for a 2002 Cierra 2455?-gctid823761

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    Where do I find a replacement windshield for a 2002 Cierra 2455?-gctid823761

    I had a mishap in July resulting in the curved windshield section on the port side of my 2002 Cierra 2455 getting broke. I contacted Lake Union Sea Ray to see if they could replace it and found out that no one makes replacement windshields for my boat. There is a place in Florida that will custom make the glass. I have to remove the windshield and ship it to them. They make the window, install it in the frame and send it back. It will be approximately $7k for that option. Taylor Made in New York is another option I'm checking into. It sounds like the process will be the same.

    Does anyone know any other places I could get a replacement glass? The frame is a little bent but I believe I can straighten it or take it to Sea Ray and have them install the glass.


    Sleepy, welcome! Although you've covered a lot of the information, please add your bod model and year along with where you live and do your boating.

    Since you called LUSR, I'm assuming you are somewhere in the Puget Sound area. I've been finding lots of stuff that LUSR has said isn't available or to call a source they know to be no longer active. The minute they hear I have a 1988 Bayliner, while they sound friendly, are not helpful just my experience, others may be very happy with them. That said 7K will get you a whole set of custom sized and bent window for a custom car. Dreamers Custom Cars can probably hook you up with someone along those lines.

    Try this advise first:

    Places like Great Lakes Skipper are probably out of left over manufacturers stock, but there are other sellers buying up nos from dealerships and selling on eBay as well as boat "recyclers" that may be parting out some storm damaged boats in the next few months. For instance:

    Let us know how you do.
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      Had a section of my 285 windshield break a few years back, had the local Bayliner dealer order from Taylor Made. Was around $2800 Canadian delivered to dealer.

      does your insurance cover this damage-mine did.
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        Plexi or Lexan go with the Lexan can be bent, google it, you will see video.
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          Thanks for the welcome. I'm from the Tacoma area and do most of our boating in the Puget Sound, both North and South.

          I'm talking to Taylor Made but unfortunately my windshield wasn't made by them. I will definitely keep the Custom Car place in mind. Great Lakes doesn't have my windshield. I've checked Ebay a couple of times and will check them again periodically. I've also put an ad on Craigslist in case someone has a parts boat in the area.

          I'll give you an update when I figure out which direction I want to go.