Hello All - I changed out my alternator (pulley seized) and idler pulley (bearings seized) and took out the boat today. I chalk up both pulley failures to corrosion from a leaky salt water raw pump from a year or so ago (thought I cleaned it all). I noticed that the volt gauge was very erratic at idle jumping all over the place or showing zero volts. When at slow speed say 1200-1500 RPM or open throttle at 3800 it was steady at around 14 volts.

I am wondering if the belt tension is not tight enough, or a connection other than at the alternator (nuts are tight) is loose. Not sure this makes sense since all worked fine before the alternator failure or seizing. I read that there is an inline fuse for the alternator - where? When I changed out the alternator I did not disconnect the battery; could this have caused something else?


5.0 Bravo III MPI