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what are these engine sensors for on my GM block?-gctid823337

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    what are these engine sensors for on my GM block?-gctid823337

    the sensor at the top rear of the block is the oil pressure sender, but I dont know what the one above the oil filter is for.... is it a switch for low oil alarm? as the single wire that is connected to it, also runs to what I assume must be a high temp alarm... when either get out of the "safe" range, the sensors trip the alarm?

    I would like to replace it but I dont know what it is for sure or what pressure range it should be.... thanks for any help

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    Yes, low oil pressure switch
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      "Ruffryder" post=823347 wrote:
      Yes, low oil pressure switch
      +1 and yes the alarm for low oil pressure and hot temp are wired together, if either closes the alarm sounds.
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        My alarm buzzer was acting goofy and both my temp and oil switches were not operating correctly (both stuck closed)

        I replaced everything with this kit, works great and save some $$
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