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    Stereo Help-gctid823080

    Hey all,

    I'm putting a new stereo in my 97 Bayliner Capri 2050 LS. It has a factory 6 pin plug in the port side console which had a harness plugged into it (which I'm assuming is the harness from the stereo that came in it from the factory) that the previous owner spliced the harness for the head unit that he put in that quit working on me. Anyway, one of the wires pulled out of the connection and I'm needing something that I can splice into that will plug into the harness that's already installed in the boat. Is there any place I can buy a plug and play harness, or even that I could find an old harness off of whatever came in the boat factory that I could splice into that would plug in? I'm going to take the harness I've got to work with me where I have the right tools and see if I can't pick the connection and repair it but just in case I can't, I'm wondering if I've got anymore options

    I would just cut the connection on the 6 pin and wire it directly into the boat that way, but it's so far up in the console, you can't get up in there to do much of anything. Plus, my big hands don't help matters much either.

    Just in case all the above sounds confusing, I'll try and post pics here in a minute of what I've got.

    Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    You can buy pin connection kits at radio shack or maybe even auto stores - they have little tools for pressing the pins into place.
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      DM, have you ever used Crutchfield to purchase audio equipment? They are the best I've seen. I've sent them photos of my connectors and they told me what harnesses to get.

      I'm going to upgrade my boat stereo this winter, and I am planning to wire directly from the head unit to the amp, then amp to speakers, without use of additional harnesses. I know that wasn't your question but I mention because it is always an option to wire directly to speakers.

      Post any pictures you have, and include wire colors and labels.
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        Cut out all the block connectors and use Insulated Heat Shrink Butt Connectors. I have 25 years in marine audio, do it right, do it once. I can tell you where the wires go when I see your pics.

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