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  • Pilot House Doors-gctid822962

    On my 5788 Motor Yacht we have the two sliding doors in the pilot house. When I bought he boat the Port side had never been opened. I was able to gradually and carefully get it open and cleaned up. I decided to hire a company that advertised they were boat locksmiths. They were not. The doors were removed to work on the linkages that were froze up. Now I have one door you cannot open from the inside and one that falls out of the track. The upper forward pin that carries the door in a slot is all destroyed.

    I am moored in Everett Washington. Does anyone know of a company that can work on the doors? Are there replacements available? I believe the company I hired may have destroyed them

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    Not sure I can help but happy to take pics of mine if you want a reference point.

    I do know BJ another member on here rebuilt his himself, sure when he sees this he'll offer some advice.

    Ironically last night the bolt in my top runner broke. Luckily just a new bolt needed for the plastic bushing.
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      The bolt on mine is wasted and the plastic bushing id broken with about 50% remaining

      Thanks for responding to this, it is a mess