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    New Prop-gctid822854

    1996 2050 SS 5.0 Alpha One outdrive. I screwed my prop up pretty good. Made it home with some nice wobble. Broke off part of my skeg too. My prop is a 13.75X21. I'm looking at props and prices are all over the place. I don't want an expensive prop because of where I boat. I see props with and without hubs. My question is can I use my hub and just get the prop?

    I would buy a new brand name prop with a hub, or a good used one.

    Check the engine 's recommended wide open throttle RPM, compare to what the prop you had, and adjust accordingly. 1" increased pitch is 200 rpm lower WOT. 1" Diameter increase is about 100 RPM Lower WOT. Also you can work the WOT in a range to suit your use, if you want torque for towing skiers, stay in the higher of the range. If you are cruising and for mileage stay in the lower range.

    The 3rd ad I sent you looks like a deal if you want te same one.
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      I am very happy with how my boat runs with the current prop. Thanks for the links. So you don't think my current hub etc should be re used?



        Mercruiser recommends that you replace the drive sleeve when replacing props. I recommend replacing the rubber also if it is more than 5 years old.

        Keep the old parts as spares, never know when you might need them.

        BTW, can you tell me what your drive ratio is for your Alpha 1?
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          Not sure of the drive ratio. I know that the boat trims out to rated WOT rpm with the 13.75X21 3 blade prop.