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Can(39)t find my Windlass Fuse - 3258 Avanti Command Bridge-gctid822349

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  • Can(39)t find my Windlass Fuse - 3258 Avanti Command Bridge-gctid822349

    Hi All,

    My Windlass stopped working - hoping it is just a fuse. It doesn't have any power, including the power light when I switch the main windlass switch on. I have a 3258 Avanti Command Bridge. Can anyone tell me where the windlass fuse would be and how to identify it? There are a bunch of fuses under the lower helm starboard compartment - very hard to access. I think that is the most likely spot but before I go poking around in there I thought there may be two other possibilities: 1. Near the motor itself, or 2. Near/in the power switch which is on the port wall just as you enter the salon. I guess a fourth spot may be near the batteries somewhere.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Thanks all!


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    what kind is it? Lewmar?

    usually hooked up to a red button resettable breaker.
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      I'm in the same situation on my 2859 - lewmar windlass. No light on my switch anymore. I do get the solonoid click when I hit the switch. I clenaed and checked the voltage at the windlass, and it seemed to have voltage, but I'd still like a look at he fuse for those big 12V wires.
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        Thanks. I'm not sure I even get a click, but I will check. No luck yet - if you find a fuse please let me know!


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          My windlass breaker is located as part of the battery switch panel along with the fuse holders for the auto function of the bilge pumps in the engine room.
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            Hey Kirkh28 - ya gotta listen to Ruff, knows his stuff . . . (oh, I'm a poet) . . . back to business at hand - I have a resettable breaker located just below my battery selector switches (which are located in the stern locker, accessed from the swim step) . . . . don't know your model very well but might start there . . . .
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              I'm struggling to even find the cables running to the windlass.

              I dont see ANY large cables in the engine/battery area that aren't accounted for (ie., going to the engine, starter, etc). Going to have to keep digging
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                On my Avanti 3555 I have the following.

                A 50 amp circuit breaker on the port side in front of the batteries.

                There is also an electrical box under the front bunk where the flip up to access the chain locker is.

                On mine it has 2 solenoids in the box that have fuses located there.

                Again on mine the wiring runs up the Portside from the engine room and you may see 3 wires running forward from there up to the box up front.

                The wires are smaller than the starting wiring and the hole routing them forward is tucked down low at the Floor level where the batteries are located probably hidden by the most forward battery.

                I have in the past had to replace the solenoids and CB but that is no drama as the solenoids are automotive type available from any auto supplier. [attachment=41726]Wiring.jpeg[/attachment

                The Red wire curling up is for the CB and the round hole is where they travel forward from.

                If you have the bunk under the cockpit look under the mattress on the Port side and lift out the access covers and you will see the wiring running forward.

                The 2 small screw holes you see are where the CB is located.

                Again I reiterate this is on an Avanti 3555 sports bridge, but it may help.