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Lower helm Piggy back adjustments-gctid821965

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    Lower helm Piggy back adjustments-gctid821965

    Hey guys, New to BOC and I recently purchased a 1985 2850 Contessa Flybridge a few weeks ago. Im working through all the systems and have found that my lower helm, which piggybacks to my upper herm is not working smoothly at all. My upper helm, which connects to my single Volvo Penta works great, but when I tried to shift from the lower helm, I broke the threads on the shift cable at the lower helm. I replaced the cable, which was a royal PITA, but it is hard, almost impossible to shift. It feels like there some binding somewhere. Both of my helms are the older morse style. The throttle on the lower helm doesn't move all the way down and also feels stiff.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    1985 2850 Contessa Command Bridge

    At the base of each handle is a slotted tensioning screw. Completely loosen them without removing them. That should allow the handles to move freely. Usually, Bayliners habit was to go from the engine and transmission to the lower helm then to the flying bridge minimizing cable lengths. In my experience if there was a bind in either cable, throttle section one and two or shifter one and two, the whole system would be bound up. It may be that you want to take a few hours and disassemble the shifter mechanisms then clean and lube the fulcrums.
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      I already had the lower helm tension screws loose, thinking that may have been the problem, but that didn't do anything. When I had the shift cable free from the lower helm, the lever moved smoothly without any binding.
      1985 2850 Contessa Command Bridge


        First..... which throttle/shift controls is this boat equipped with? During this year range, we'll see Morse U-Flex and the Twin S controls.

        If you have the Morse U-Flex controls, you will likely always have trouble with them.

        If you have the much better Morse Twin S controls, you can easily remedy this issue.

        Learn which helm station cables make the "home run" to the transmission (aka upper gear unit) . Typically it will be the F/B station controls.

        Start at the transmission and place the eccentric piston and the linkage rod in the absolute neutral position.

        If the upper helm control makes the "home run" connection, adjust the shift cable as to also bring the shift handle into the absolute neutral position.

        Only now will you adjust the OTHER helm unit to the Home Run unit's position!

        NOTE: make sure that any shift cable over-travel is equal and is not hindered by a mechanical limitation.

        In other words...... make sure that when in either FWD or REV gear, that the "gear yoke" has equal clearance and does not interfere with, or come up against the Intermediate housing.

        Likewise at each control unit.

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