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  • Tender wiring. Nav lights out..-gctid821933

    Well this is one of those questions that I am pretty sure can't be helped online and I just need tonpainfully dig around. But I'll throw it out there for any tips on tackling.

    First off. Why is when I try to do something I break something. Happens all the time

    So I have what I am pretty sure is a YL420 zodiac

    There is a bilge pump under the rear seat. It didn't seem to be working so I took all the crap out there and messed around a bit. Trying to see if had power etc.

    There is also a small access hatch under the wheelnin the console. There is wiring for the dash switches etc there.

    I had a rummage around in there too.

    And voila my Nav lights no lover come on.

    So I am presuming I disturbed a connection somewhere or something was old and corroded and broke.

    Looking for any tips on how best to trace the problem. I ain't that good with Electrical's

    There is a 3 panel switch on the dash. A 3 fuse block from it in the console and then a bunch of wires for sounder speedo etc.

    I checked fuses and checked what looks like 2 master fuses under the rear seat. All look good.

    Where would you start on troubleshooting? Access is a pain.

    I was hoping someone might have the same tender and have had a similar problem?

    Final question there are 3 dash switches. I know the first is the nav light. Any idea what the other 2 should be for?

    Stretching I know

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    The 3 switches on mine are

    Nav lights

    Courtesy lights ( look down near your feet on the starboard side)

    Bilge pump manual operation
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      Thanks that's helpful. I had thought that might be the case and helps me not have trace every wire.

      No mother advice so I guess I am just tracing wire by wire.
      5788 Man 610's- Love Her !
      Sold:Bayliner 3587 | Extended Hull


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        Fixed it on attempt 3. Tried tracing wires. Tried everything but couldn't find the issue.i had pulled the fuses in the power block and they all looked good even switched them just in case. Tonight I just took the wire from the nav light switch and connected it to another terminal on the fuse block and voila lights came on. So annoying must be corrosion in the fuse block as the fuse was fine.

        So rewarding when the lights lit back up ! It's the little things in life
        5788 Man 610's- Love Her !
        Sold:Bayliner 3587 | Extended Hull