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    Waste Tank-gctid821337

    I have a 32' Bayliner Cruiser. The previous owner did not pump out regularly and now I have solid waste solidified in the tank. Any suggestions on removal or on removal of the tank? Does any one know what size tank this boat my use and any help on install would be greatly appreciated.


    Wow! I think I'd try to some holding tank enzymes then run a paint stirring tool that is more like an impeller than a a paddle stile. Then agitate, rinse and repeat.

    Good luck.
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      :sick: :sick: if the tank is strapped down remove the strap and put a large dowel under the middle of the tank. fill the tank 1/4 with water and enzymes as suggested. The dowel will let you rock the tank to loosen the solids hopefully. Pump, rinse and repeat. Do you have an access hatch cut in the floor above the cave? Many of us have done this modification without regret.
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        You mean I'm not the only guy that happened to? The float on the sender fell off into the holding tank and the previous owner's kid just kept pumping the tank full of crap.

        So much that it backed up and solidified all the way up the vent line, the clean out line and towards the head. I don't know how lucky you are but you should consider pulling the tank and inspecting all the hoses that lead to the Y valve, head, cleanout line and the macerator. I'm on inland waters so I threw out the Y valve and macerator.

        Chances are as in my case the float fell off and they didn't know it. If its solidified in the tank, the clean out line is plugged too.

        56 dollars new sender parts

        100 dollars new waste hoses and fittings

        and if the vent line is clean you are good to go.

        If it were me I'd pull the tank and get it out of the boat for cleaning so there won't be any splash and you can continue to use the boat without the smell.
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