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    2859 leak from somewhere-gctid821109

    hate to have my first post asking for help but,,,, i just bought in May a 2001 2859 still getting use to the boat but we noticed a leak back by the waste holding tank, in the back room aft-starboard corner we just finished a very rough ride on lake Michigan not sure if this is when it happened but wife decided to pull up mattress and it was wet. We had a issue with the holding tank i thought it was empty but it was full and over pressurized. Pumped it out checked vent it was good replaced mattress thought that was it, Checked it a few times at marina all was good but after spending a few days on boat including one rough ride it leaked again maybe a cup or two of liquid. Like before i questioned it being the holding tank because it did not smell and was not blue. I'm thinking now maybe one of the connections going through the hull (head vent, sink drain, one other drain) may be leaking when were pounding waves, I'm about 90% sure its not holding tank, I took off the back wall I don't think its leaking. Any suggestions from anyone who's had a similar problem would be greatly appreciated.



    Did you check your cockpit drain hose? It's right above your feet when you're laying in that bed. It goes from the deck drain to the left of the helm (where you step into cabin) to a thru hull.

    Also in that area is the hose from your forward bilge, it exits near the poop tank thru hull. Although if that was leaking it probably wouldn't be able to work its way up to the bed.

    Are you sure it's coming from the starboard side? Does you boat list to that side?
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      "green650" post=821122 wrote:

      Are you sure it's coming from the starboard side? Does you boat list to that side?
      Ditto this - leaks rarely start where you notice it. Could be coming from the window in the room, a leak from the top side. THe drain sound like the most probable given where it was wet
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        I have a 2001 as well and have had to replace a couple of my through hull fittings. They start getting brittle after time. Check those and all of the hose connections.
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          Thanks for the responses, pretty sure I found it I took a water hose checked all thru hull fittings only leaked on top of gunnel were the waste tank gets pumped out. So it would follow the hose down to the tank. Nothing a little marine silicone won't fix.