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    A/C raw water pump-gctid821063

    I am attempting to replace the A/C raw water pump on my 1995 ciera 2855... would anyone be able to tell me what the specs and/or part number is for the original pump? Many thanks in advance!

    On my 1990 2556 it is a Dometic pump but I don't have the model number or specs handy. If you can't find it written on the pump you may be able to determine the size you need by looking at the AC unit itself.

    Also, I thought mine was bad when I bought the boat. I pulled it apart, cleaned it and put it back together and it has been working fine since. That was beginning of last season. Also, make sure their is pressure on the supply side. It won't draw water up it must be 'pushed' into the pump so if you got air in the hose it may have just lost its prime.

    Sorry I couldn't give more specifics though.


      Thank you very much Joel! I will give it a try...


        I had to replace the sea water pump on my Carver last year when the old one died on me. I was unable to read any of the information on the pump tag itself because of how it was positioned. My A/C unit is a 16000 BTU unit so I ordered a 500 GPH pump. When I got the old one out it was also a 500 GPH pump. There are smaller lesser flow pumps but depending on your A/C units BTU capacity I think a 500 GPH pump would be the minimum needed.
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