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    Alarm Sounds Intermittently-gctid820921

    Hello Boaters.

    I have a 2006 Bayliner 25 (5.0/carbureted/fuel pump) Cruiser.

    The engine alarm on the boat is intermittently going on and off at all times during operation. Alarm sometimes sounds at start up and stays on for 5 minutes and sometimes comes on during 4k rpm cruise. I checked the engine and found the oil at the low range, put a quart in which filled it up, restarted and the alarm went away for a little while and then came back on. Gauges are at 175 Temp, Oil at 40-50, Gear Oil full. Engine is hot but not excessive. While alarm is sounding, I have disconnected the oil pressure switch, gear oil switch, and the temp switch, and the alarm continues to sounds. I'm at a loss on what I can do next to nail this one down.

    Thanks for the advise.

    Welcome. Please add the boat data and some where in the world are you because we might know local sources.

    I believe you have a sensor going bad. In my case it was the oil pressure alarm switch located at the rear of the block next to the distributor. It should have a tan wire connected.

    There are also alarm sensor switches on your drive oil tank at the front of the engine and engine temperature mounted next to the gauge sending unit in the thermostat housing.

    I had that on one of my 4.3's but mine was just a quick blip and took parts replacing to cure. I hate just replacing parts until a problem goes away. I want to find the source and the why. But, that's just me.
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      If you disconnected all 3 SWITCHES and the alarm continues to sounds, then most likely it is not the switch(es).

      Are you sure? You didn't unplug the oil pressure SENDER WIRE?

      TAN/ BLU Alarm wire is the ground loop,

      When this circuit completes through the SWITCHES, 12VDC negative(ground) is fed to the buzzer then it goes off.

      "Alarm sometimes sounds at start up and stays on for 5 minutes and "...sounds like your oil pressure SWITCH could be acting up possibly.

      Grab a continuity tester, test the OIL PRESSURE SWITCH first.
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        I had a similar problem where my alarm goes off intermittently with everything normal. Ended up being bad ground on the gouges. Removed all the new style connectors and installed crimped connectors with nuts. Alarm went off.
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          Thought the oil pressure switch also. FYI the oil pressur SWITCH is located on the port side of the engine block just above the area where the oil filter or remote filter assembly is located.
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