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  • Starter Issue? Please Help!-gctid820903

    Hi Guys. Hoping you can help me out with this issue. I took my 175 to the lake (Mercruiser 3.0) Cranked the engine as usual and everything was fine. Less than a minute later the engine shut off by itself. When I tried to crank it again there was nothing. I would turn the key and couldn't hear a noise. All dashboard gauges had no power; however everything else had power. The bilge pump, blower, radio, fishfinder, trim all of them worked fine. I'm just not getting anything out of the ignition key. Battery is fully charged and I checked that all cables were properly connected.

    I'm at a loss with this issue and totally screwed up my weekend. Please please - any ideas how to correct / troubleshoot this issue?

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    I found out a 15 fuse was blown in the engine area. Replaced it with another one and when I turned the key the gauges began to come to life but died just a second after. The fuse blew again. Any ideas?


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      Ignition fuse blown/blowing...

      Sounds like it is shorted after the ignition switch, possibly shorted to ground.

      See how many 12VDC + wires are spliced at the ignition switch "B" terminal, remove all other wires, attach only the red primary wire comes from the bilge.

      insert a new fuse, turn on the ignition switch , see what happens.
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        if you have a slave solenoid at the top of your engine, it could screwing up. Check to see if there is a circuit breaker & solenoid mounted on top of your engine. If you short the solenoid the starter should crank. They are notorious for failing.