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cable thru-hull fitting for transducer-gctid820879

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    cable thru-hull fitting for transducer-gctid820879

    I want to install a transducer that I already have. I want to pass the cable (and it's connector) through the transom on the high side above the water line. I found a product that matches what I want, but the hole size is 3/4" and I need just under 1" to pass my connector through. Do you know of a 1" hole option to suit my needs? The cable OD is only 1/4" if not less.

    Here is the thru-hull part by SeaChoice

    Plan B is to use the above thru-hull solution and then take my transducer cable and cut it. Then splice it back together with solder/heatshrink/spit.

    Edit, found this as a better option for plan B. It is IP68 rated and just one hole to drill that is 0.60":

    Or, I oversize the gland to a PG21, do not cut my cable, and drill a single hole that is 1.1", but would need a special insert for the very small cable diameter and that's a rather large hole to drill with that degree is precision. I'm sure my hole saws go in 1.4" increments.

    Oh, and I found this, but its 5 holes total. However, the cable hole would be exact to my cable (1/4") and the panel mount holes might no go through the hull entirely.

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    I just installed a Raymarine Axiom 3D transducer that needed a 1" hole. I drilled the 1" hole though the hull above the water line to pass through the transducer cable and connector. I got one of these hole caps at WM and it worked fine I also used some 3M 4200 to seal around the gasket then filled it in from the backside with silicone to seal everything and make for easier transducer replacement.

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      Have you looked at the other Blue Seas Cable Clam, it can be used for holes up to 1.4 inches. I use this for my transducer passing through the transom. Drilled a 1inch hole, above the waterline, covered any raw wood inside with some 4200 and let dry. Then fitted the Cable Clam. If you ever decide to change electronics, you can re use etc.

      I was lucky enough to have space between my swim platform and waterline to fit.
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