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  • Correct Alternator wiring connection..-gctid820815

    Refitting the new alternators I am at a small dilemma.

    The wiring leading to the back end on my engine wiring harness has 2x8 mm ring connectors and the standard 2 pin .

    On both the old and new alternators there is a P that accepts a spade connector.

    As I was not the person who removed the wiring from the alternators I am unsure if one of the positive leads should be attached to the power post on the alternator and the other much smaller wire changed to a spade type or bolt the two to the main pole of the alternator.

    If you look at the pics it shows the main pole, the 2 pin connector, and the spade with P over it.

    My question is connect the 2 reds to the main pole and the 2 pin and forget the spade connector, or split the smaller power wire add a spade connector and connect to the area where the P is?

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