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    Bayliner 205 - leaking fluid(s)-gctid819953

    I have a 2004 Bayliner 205 Capri with a Mercury 250 I/O engine. It is a great boat (IMG_1.jpeg), except that it has an issue right now. It started leaking a fluid at the beginning of the season. We noticed a rainbow/bluish/brown fluid when we came into the dock (IMG_2.jpg) and an occasional white puff of "smoke"/"steam" from the prop area while running the engine on the lake. We live in central NY and were told that the "smoke" was probably steam as the water in the spring is cold and the engine is hot. As the weather warmed, the smoke/steam went away.

    One weekend we brought the boat in after a great day on the lake and the leak seemed to be worse and it had what looked like emulsified discs floating out of the prop area (IMG_3.jpg, IMG_4.jpg). We pulled the boat out to check it and the mechanic believed that the fluid was hydraulic fluid, as the reservoir was almost empty and the fluid looked/smelled/felt like hydraulic/trim fluid. We suspected the seals an gaskets were going and we were told we could probably get through the season and have them fixed this winter, as long as the leak didn't get worse and we kept the reservoir full. While the boat was out of the water, the mechanic reseated the hoses and checked the seal area. He said it seemed to fix it for now.

    Now we seem to have another fluid leak leaves more of a rainbow slick on the water which turns into the blue/brown color and we haven't had any more discs of emulsified fluid at all. The slick only happens when we come in from running the boat and lift the trimÔÇöengine runs fine--and the leak seems to only last for about a minute or so. Can we safely wait till winter to have the seals replaced? Is there something going on here that we don't recognize? Are we doing damage? In order to replace the seals, I understand the drive needs to be taken out and it is a big job to get to the seals, but it is easy to replace them. I'd rather wait, if possible, cause we only get a couple months of boat time where we live and the cost of the slip etc. needs a payoff to make it worth the money. I've attached some pictures below, because when I was looking for information I didn't see anything like what we were dealing with. Maybe the discussion and pictures will not only help me figure this out, but maybe it will help others who have this happen. Any ideas? Thank you!

    The last image (IMG_5.jpg) is what the leak looks like now. We have filled the hydraulic fluid reservoir with new fluid and this only happens when we come into dock after running the engine. The leak seems to last a minute or so and then slows, if not stops.

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    If your trim/tilt pump reservoir has lost some of its oil then it's likely one or both of your trim rams seals or hydraulic line connections are comprimised. I'd suggest fixing it now as your leaking oil into the water where you boat. I'd also suggest you look for a new mechanic, a trim tilt leak should be fairly simple to diagnose.
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