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    SPARK PLUGS-gctid819944

    Hello All,

    new to the BOC...not new to boat ownership, however I have a new boat. It's a 2000, 2655 with the 7.4 MPI. Question, do I need to remove the risers and manifolds to change the spark plugs. It's running rough when I open the throttle.

    Suggestions welcomed.

    I can change my plugs without removing the manifold, but my boat is wider so I have plenty of access. I take it you can't stick your head in there and see the plugs?

    When was the last time your boat was ran? Could be old fuel, dirty fuel filter, etc.
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    2018 Element 16
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      Hopefully you have some maintenance records that came with the boat. These will reveal how old the plugs, and other parts are. IF not you need to experiment a bit to determine why it's running ruff. As previously mentioned, fuel can get old and filters can get clogged. You can check on a clogged air filter by just removing it and running the boat. It takes a little more work to look at, clean out and replace a clogged fuel filter. Make sure the carb and choke are performing correctly.

      If the air and fuel are OK, you might be right to look at tune-up components. Up to and including the plug wires themselves: often neglected for years. IF the plugs are hard to get to, you might save them for last. But they should come out with a little creative tool use. Most of this work might not be needed if the boat has been in a backyard for years.

      A serious warm up might remind these parts how they are supposed to work

      Happy boating.