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1995 capri bilge pump-gctid819572

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    1995 capri bilge pump-gctid819572

    Anyone who's had experience in replacing. Looks like a pain to get to. Is it easier just to install a new pump next to the original one?


    Bayliner may have been using the same brand in '95 as in my '86 Capri. Assuming they're the same or similar it's worth trying the following: the bilge pump itself is not secured to the bilge bottom - instead there is a plastic base screwed to the hull and the pump snaps into that base. Look carefully at the pump base and you may notice two small tabs protruding from the base, 180 degrees apart. If that's the case, here's what I did to free it. First of all, enlist the aid of a usually reluctant assistant (wife..). From one side of the bilge, place a loop of stiff twine around the top of the pump. I taped a loop to a stick and maneuvered it into place on the pump. On the other side of the bilge and using a long stick, have the assistant push on the tab on that side of the pump. If the tab is sufficiently pushed in, you can pull on the twine and the pump will rotate free from the base. Took all of 1-2 minutes once I got the twine and assistant in place. As I recall, the pump for my '86 is still available, so you may be able to match yours and simply snap the new pump into the existing base. Good luck..
    1986 Capri 1950 Cuddy
    AQ131A / 275
    (original owner)