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Aq260 randomly shuts off-gctid819387

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    Aq260 randomly shuts off-gctid819387

    Aq260 starts and runs and randomly shuts off with key and everything being dead. Actuating the battery switch on and off does not seem to help, just about 30 seconds of time or so and everything works and engine restarts. This is a rebuilt engine and mechanically everything seems fine. Batteries are old however and barely start the motor so I am replacing them tmrw. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance!

    This is a loooooong shot so bare with me.

    Look on the engine for what would have been a red button Cole Hersee 40 or 50 amp circuit breaker.

    If OEM, it would look like this one.

    The red button circuit breaker may have been replaced with an Auto-Reset style circuit breaker.

    The Auto-Reset is minus the red button.

    If so, and if it is tripping due to heavy current, it would cut all helm power and would then power back up at a certain interval.

    If so, you will need to find out why it is tripping in the first place!

    Like said...... long shot but worth mentioning!


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