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Electric fuel pump MAG383, 2007-gctid819031

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    Electric fuel pump MAG383, 2007-gctid819031


    I've been struggeling with intermittent stalling on my Mercruiser MAG383,2007 in a Bayliner 285 during the past year. First thought it was the IAC valve and changed that, the symptoms changed a bit but were still there.

    The problem is that the motor stalls like the push of a button, seems to only happen at realiatively low RPM (below 1400) and only within 5 minutes of starting the engine (that's both warm and cold). Engines always fires right back up when trying to restart. If the engine hasn't stalled in the first 5 minutes within starting I can almost be certain that it won't stall at all. At 3 occasions I have also experienced engine loosing power for just a split second and then gets back to correct RPM - this have happened in the full range of engine RPM.

    The last couple of days it's been getting worse and the engine hasn't always been able to restart right away. Noticed that the fuel pump didn't prime when I turned on the igntiion which lead me to check the connections to the fuel pump. If I jiggle the housing which supplys 12v to the pump it comes on and off so obviousley a bad connection there. Haven't been able to rectify this yet since it doesn't seem to help to just clean the connections. I'm thinking of cutting the housings and just solder cable ends together to get a good connection, let's just hope the wires themselves are'nt bad...

    Either way, could someone try to explain how the fuel pump works. Why would this only happen whithin first 5 minutes of starting (even if the engine is warm and has been run very recently)? As I understand it the pump works at a constant RPM regardless of engine RPM. I guess I'm trying to predict if I really have found the root cause of the problem or if I can expect more problems.

    ,Olle from Sweden

    another GEN III cool fuel module problem sounds like...

    pull the fuel pump relay, check the blade condition
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      Thanks for your quick reply and it got me reading for hours about all the problems with this fuel cooler. Until I really looked at the thing, I'm almost positive that I have gen II of the fuel cooler module. Mine have the external water seperating filter and when I pull the plastic cover (that just snaps in place over my fuel cooler) I can clearly see the end of the pump. The gen III thing seems to be more of a "closed module".

      Does this sound correct?