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    2155 Consumption-gctid818817


    '89 2155 Ciera with OMC 3.0 engine.

    Typical cruising ~19-20knots and 3900rpm.

    It burns about 0,9 litres per kilometer = ~3,11 miles per gallon?

    Our latest trip was about 47 miles and fuel burned 18,5 us gallons.

    I think consumption is high for that size boat?

    Is there any data for carburetor float level adjustment? Its '89 3.0 with 2-jet carb.

    Your conversion seems to be off a little.

    My online calculator puts 0.9 L/km to be 2.6 MPG using US gallons.

    Remember that the Ciera is much heavier than your average 21' boat due to the mid cabin and the height of the boat.

    I have the earlier model, the 2150 Ciera. Different engine though as I have a 5.7L V8 (similar to Volvo 260A).

    I am getting about 1.9 MPG with the family, weekend supplies and a full tank of gas at cruising speed of about 26-28 mph.

    This is measured with a fuel flow meter hooked up to my Garmin GPS.

    So your 2.6 MPG with the smaller engine sounds pretty much correct to me.