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    Newbie Question Generator/Inverter Shore Power-gctid818684

    So my bayliner 2855 came with this cable

    And this gererator/inverter

    I'm guessing that the two of these together, will run power through my shore power outlet. Sorry for the newbie question, but I'm kind of on my own with this. I want to make sure I make no errors. I'm guessing that when I'm away from shore power, I can start the genertator, plug the adapter in to it, and to shore power outley, to run my 110v items ie microwave, electric/alchohol stove, etc. I need any advice as far as safety, running the cords, as well as any additional information I can get on this set up. For example, will this also recharge my batteries when plugged into shore power? Any one with this generator I would appreciate a review of it..How long it runs for, how is it on fuel consumption, and that sort of stuff. And please, anything else I may be missing in reference to this setup. I plan on trying it out this weekend. Thank you all, for any help.
    2001 Cierra 2855 Moored at Hylebos Marina, Tacoma, WA. Retire Army. Works at SeaTac International Airport.

    The Generator is only 1000 Watts (Max) with a rated normal output of 900 Watts (7.5A @ 120v). So that said, it can run any AC powered items that are less than 900W and can burst for a few moments to 1000W. Microwave (maybe), Battery Charger (likely), Water Heater (maybe), Electric Stove (maybe). Certainly only one of these things at a time.

    You'll need to find out the required AC Wattage for any appliances you want to run off the generator to ensure the math works. Usually these generators have a safety shutoff so that if you exceed the rated output it will pop a breaker on the inverter so it won't harm it.

    They are highly rated generators. Extremely quiet and reliable. Easy to start. They are designed for very small loads. At 1/4 load (250w) it can run for 12 hours on a single tank of fuel according to the spec sheet.