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Wish me luck, water in the out drive-gctid818530

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    Wish me luck, water in the out drive-gctid818530

    I found water in my out drive.. I changed the oil and went down for a day and found more - a LOT for the short amount of time I was in the water. I'm going to take it to my buddy's shop and we are going to start to work on it this afternoon. I'll start with a vacuum/pressure test and go from there. I've printed the manual and watched a few youtube videos on removing the drive. It's still not clear to me where all the seals (leaky points) are (but I haven't studied the manual closely). The ones I know about are the fill/drain/dipstick plugs, seals by the props, and the shift cable linkage. I would think there has to be one up in the transmission where it goes into the bellows.

    I've never taken one of these apart but after my bad luck with the shop who was supposed to have sealed this, I figure I can't do any worse.

    If anyone has suggestions on where to get parts for this (1985 DP-A) let me know. I saw seal kits for 280s and 290s on I-Boats, but I'm assuming the DP-A is just enough different to have different seals (and they may have that too but it wasn't clear to me).
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    300HP Volvo Penta 5.7 with DP-A drive

    There are several parts suppliers that have the manufacturer schematics going back into the 60's. Once you figure out how each site works if a part is no longer available there is also a link to the current part number or replacement. BAM and Crowley are sites I use, but try searching Volvo Penta parts. Once you have the correct part numbers go shopping and remember, the best price isn't always the best deal. I've consistently run into a great unit price but the shipping was a killer and service sucked when the was a problem.
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