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    Trim switch-gctid818479

    OK, weekend spent on boat and have a new to do list!

    First up and priority, trouble trimming on way in, and when at fork-lift dock realize the left side tab (Bennett hydraulics) had not retracted, run the other up and down no issue, realize the switch is bad, no click when depressed in one direction. Tell fork truck drive to wait on my trip to West Marine for new switch. Back at boat I remove the offending switch, of course new one is different size and shape, new "Euro" look :angry: so realize I am not getting that one changed today. I pull the old switch out of the dash display and of course wires are too short to r&r from there, so for time being I reverse the tab wires on the switch and run the problem tab up. Boat now safely back in rack, but face with the installation of the new switch, and guessing the it needs to be done from behind dash, ugh. Experience here anyone? I suppose I have to remove the dash, and install new switch from back, but as I recall from last time doing this I could not move the dash panel far enough to access things like this. If the wires were an inch longer, could locate same switch online and r&r from front.


    Not real familiar with you model but look for a zip tie or two possibly holding the trim wiring harness secure under the helm. Might just give you the extra slack your looking for.
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