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1988 2556 Cobra Outdrive taking on water-gctid818393

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    1988 2556 Cobra Outdrive taking on water-gctid818393

    Does anyone know if or where the flaps are on a 1988 Cobra outdrive. Second time it is taking on water - now in all 8 cylinders. Water in new Y pipe is sitting very high

    Mechanic thinks the flappers may be bad. I bought new ones however he said these do not fit and he cannot find the mounting plate for them.

    The boat is in the water. Can these be replaced while in the water? Does anyone have a diagram? Also need # for these flaps if they exist. Thank you


    They are in the Y pipe, yes it can be done.
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      Water reversion via the exhaust. How for above the waterline are the exhaust elbows? Mercruiser recommends 13" above (I know yours is a cobra) is there an exhaust spacer installed?

      If your mechanic finds the shutters missing make sure he retrieves the old ones from the bottom of the Y pipe.

      Not familiar with OMC but these may be the shutters you need.
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        No spacers ?
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