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    Prop Question (another)-gctid398799

    I have a 2150 Cierra Sunbridge w a fresh 5.7 and V/P 280 outdrive. Current prop size is a SS 15" x 19 pitch. It's fine with 2 people and no load - up to 44 mph @ 4300 rpm.

    With a load, 3-4 people, full on fuel and other cargo, it struggles to get out of the hole as you may suspect. I don't want to stress the motor like that so I have stopped taking it to the lake till I get a more fitting prop.

    If I go to an aluminum 15" x 17 or 15 pitch I know it will get outta the hole faster but what will it do to the top end?

    What about a 14.8" 17 or 15 pitch?

    And then a 14" x 17 or 15 pitch?

    My goal is to pop out of the hole a lot better. I understand that I may increase the rpm and get close to the 44 mph but maybe at a higher rpm like 4600 - 4800 but with which prop?

    And do you have one for sale?

    Reduce pitch 2" should raise rpms by 400 to where they should be.Way better hole shot.Dont reduce diameter AND pitch.


      Going for a 15 x 17

      Anyone have a 15 x 17 LH laying around? Long hub preferably.

      Thank you