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1978 Bayliner Bodega 4050, Starboard engine troubleshoot-gctid818220

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    1978 Bayliner Bodega 4050, Starboard engine troubleshoot-gctid818220

    Hello! For some reason my starboard engine will turn over, it just will not ignite and stay running. The previous owner old me that it did run out of gas at one point, and that he doesnt know which gas tank is for the starboard engine. So a few questions..

    1. Are there 2 fuel tanks on a 1978 Bayliner Bodega?

    2. Has anyone ever experienced the engine acting similar to this?

    3. Would the engine need to be primed if the previous owner let it run completely out of gas?

    4. There are multiple gas tanks on this thing, all on the port side. One of them is in the port side of the stern, the other is in the middle of the port side. Which one is for the starboard engine?

    Thank you!!

    Bonus Question: Where on earth would I ever find parts for this thing, if I should need them?


    1. 2 200GAL TANKS

    2. YES, safety kill switch onboard?

    3. NO
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