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1996 Ciera 2859 head faucet replacement Whale unit-gctid817955

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    1996 Ciera 2859 head faucet replacement Whale unit-gctid817955

    Trying to replace the Whale faucet assembly in the head. It's pretty obvious it has to come up and out from the top since: Cannot remove the molded shelf assembly below cause it mounts in from the back. The plumbing feed lines appear to simply be too short to allow the faucet assembly to come out enough to access the locking nuts. I can't find any access to the water lines as they appear to tee off for the galley sink below and beneath sink module. I have removed both inner upholstered panels from the hanging locker directly adjacent to the forward head wall. Nothing there. I'm stuck. I'm afraid Bayliner simply made the lines too short when constructing this boat in which case I'm just screwed. Yes, I can overhaul the faucet from the top, but I really wanted to replace the entire unit. Any ideas? That is besides cutting into the head module? Thanks.

    Okay. Problem solved. If any of you have to do this, here's the process. Remove the head cabinet door frame. Remove the center shelf in the shelf/storage unit (it also acts as a stiffener to the shelf module). Rotate the shelf module clockwise 90 degrees, it's tight, but it WILL go, then force the entire module aft. Again, it's REAL TIGHT, but it will go. Now you have access to all of the plumbing lines.Of course, NONE of this would have been necessary if Bayliner would have just made the water lines a couple of inches longer. :>(

    Remove the storage locker under the sink, there are screws around the outside of the door , the compete cabinet will come out.
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