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98 Bayliner Avanti 4085 Battery Systems

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    98 Bayliner Avanti 4085 Battery Systems

    I'm new to the boat world and just got a 98 Avanti 4085 and everyday I"m learning with a new struggle.

    Now I haven't got to shore power as I'm at a floating moor, and can't power up. Generator won't start up either.

    I'm a sitting duck, bought a jumper cable kit to jump the 12v battery and still no go. The jumper didn't have enough juice.

    I also ran jumper cables from the 8d to the 12v battery and couldn't get it to go. Generator starts up but then shuts down and I find it odd.

    Seems like something causing to shut it down, so I'm gonna wait on troubleshooting it further until my mechanic is around.

    Today I bought 2 new 12v 1000 cranking amp batteries since it's cheaper than the bow tow to give me a jump.

    I was wondering if there is an emergency back up battery switch on the boat that is used for situations like this?

    I have 4 batteries, 1 8D which I think runs the house power, 2 12V which I think are for the engines and 1 generator.

    Where is my 4th battery? I can't find that one anywhere.

    Any help would be great.
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    boat US isn't around where you are?

    we would need more info on this. you might want to fill out your profile signature.

    check for any corroded rusted cable connections,

    emergency situations like this, you should have 2 separate starting batteries for each engine..

    install 2 new batteries, see how she goes.
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      mikeg1080 - Hey, welcome to our version of the Puddle!! As a fellow Avanti owner, I know "some" of what you speak. I've just recently purchased my 3685 but I would imagine our boats are similar (where'd you get yours?? Looked at a couple of 40's for a long time . . ) Anyway, there might be a battery parallel switch sitting to the right of your throttles (on the wiper and engine light accessory panel) . .. . I had an issue with starting one of my engines and was told that switch would combine the batteries to assist with starting (one of my many "duh"s). I have to admit that I haven't traced any battery issues yet but I know that there are issues with the way she is wired - well, let's say it isn't to my liking :whistle: . . . . . but I have engine issues right now so I might get around to it later this year. All of my batteries are in the engine compartment . . . . just a WAG - assuming you have a battery that is "assigned" to your windlass, where would it be? Under the bow berth? Just my guess for where the other battery might be. Keep in touch and maybe we can exchange notes . . . . . I'm guessing that you didn't have a surveyor go over your boat before you signed the check . . . .. or was it "as is"??
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        I have a 98 Avanti 4085. I cannot figure out where the aft HVAC condensate is supposed to drain
        To. Mine drains from the pan into the section below the HVAC but there's no drain out of the boat. That section has a flow through to the storage compartments under the seats. There has to be a drain hole somewhere but there is not. I'm lost. Help.