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3.0 lx Mercruiser won(39)t stay running. PLEASE HELP-gctid817773

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    3.0 lx Mercruiser won(39)t stay running. PLEASE HELP-gctid817773

    I have a '95 Capri 1850 with a Mercruiser 3.0 LX.

    I can get the engine to start, but it will not stay running. If I can hold the choke plate nearly closed, it would idle. If I open it up, it starts to die.

    I have changed the base gasket to the carb. New distributor cap, plug wires, fuel filter, fuel/ water separator (previous owner disconnected it for some reason), cleaned the filter going into the carb, tried Lucas Complete engine treatment, dry gas, checked the anti siphon valve. I also disconnected the fuel line going into the carb and cranked the engine to make sure fuel would shoot into a coffee can, and it does. I have 12 volts at all of my purple wire locations. Please help.

    Idle circuit clogged.

    I would suck the gunk and junk off the bottom of your tank.

    Into a glass clean jar.

    Let sit see the water on the bottom ?

    Heads up your tank could be leaking a pressure test is in order.
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