I'm working on the reassembly of a 1988 Bayliner 3450 Avanti with US Marine T3330Z (GM big block 454 cu in, 330 hp engines with Borg Warner V drives). The engines were removed for repair/rebuild by the owner over a year ago and the configuration of the oil coolers, gear coolers, cooler mounts and hoses, etc were lost. Most of the preformed raw water hoses to the coolers were thrown out, so it is hard to figure out how the various coolers were configured and connected. There may be some brackets and other parts missing too. I'm looking for photos of a similar motor showing the position and configuration of the oil cooler, gear cooler, remote oil cooler, and heat exchanger. Basically photos of the four sides and the top of the engine should show nearly everything I need to know. It's very difficult to find a parts manual or service manual of that engine (I've contacted Bayliner and several old Bayliner/US Marine dealers), but if somebody has one and can take photos of the pertinent pages that would be very helpful too. Thanks very much for your help.